LLG-Live Like Gracie
5K Run & 2K Walk
Run ~ Walk ~ Donate
All proceeds from this event go toward the Gracie D. Dugeon Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Race will be held at the John C. Gellar Park on May 11, 2019!

This 5K run/2K walk is a FUN run.  

Awards will be given out for the most spirited look. So dress up!  The crazier the better. 

The most important thing is for everyone to HAVE FUN!!!

In person registrations will be at John C. Gellar Park on April 13 from 11-2. 

Completed registration forms can be emailed in.

You may also postal mail in your registration.

Register before April 20 to save money and get a race shirt!

Check out our forms for more info!

About Gracie
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Gracie D. Dudgeon was just 10 years old when she passed away unexpectedly on February 7, 2018. She was a 5th grader at Stevenson Elementary where she was a cheerleader for the Heath Sertoma Football League. She had a heart that loved always and often, and treated everyone with kindness. With this event, we are encouraging everyone to LLG-Live Like Gracie! This means showing KINDNESS, LOVE, & COMPASSION always.

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John C. Gellar Park